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The CTA leadership voted in a new Benefit Partner at the 2009 Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas. The program is called “The CTA Printing Co-op” and it offers custom printing at reduced costs through the power of group buying. The program offers three major benefits:
  1. Members will reduce their cost on custom printed items by 15% or more through the following two methods:
First Savings Method: The printing Co-op will conduct a free “Print Comparison” for all your custom printed requirements. The Print Comparison asks members to submit (3) three samples of every item that is custom printed along with corresponding usage and past pricing information. The Co-op will then perform a production analysis which utilizes the samples submitted in the following manner:
    1st set of samples: Studied and scrutinized by the estimating department to determine current construction methods and to offer suggestions for more efficient manufacturing. A price list/savings comparison will then be generated.
    2nd set of samples: Return to the member in a 3-ring binder called a print catalog. The print catalog will include: 1) The price list/comparison. 2) Customized order form. 3) A free design from the Co-op’s award-winning art department. 4) Organized samples of all items custom printed by your company.
    3rd set of samples: Retained by the Co-op in a matching print catalog kept on file for whenever a member places an order.
  Second Savings Method: Ordering like-products together through advertised specials. All you have to do is simply complete the order form and email/mail in your order. Production will group orders, send out proof approvals, print and ship the orders.
  2. A 5% royalty on net sales will be paid to CTA to strengthen the association. This has the potential of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in non-dues revenue for CTA.
  3. Promotes your CTA affiliation. The CTA logo can be printed on your products to communicate industry participation and provide you with credibility and recognition to set you apart in the market place. Is it worth the effort of switching your custom printing to a new vendor? Yes! You can marry the industry-wide benefit of strengthening CTA which protects the livelihood of many members, along with increasing your individual profits by reducing your own company’s printing costs. It was Ben Franklin who said, “What good men may do separately is small compared with what they can do collectively.”
2 Ways to order:
1. Advertised specials. Click here to go to the "Specials" section of our website.
2. As needed by completing the Print Comparison process. Click here to go the "Print Comparison" section of our website.
Design Service:
Website and graphic design, logos, publication design, print advertising, marketing and event materials, offset and digital print systems, posters, forms, labels, electronic and writable PDF forms.

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